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  • Mechrage: contracts

    Mechrage: contracts
    Check your work contracts to see suggested buildings and get rewards....
    Mechrage: contracts

    Mechrage: main

    Mechrage: main
    Your main building is the hub of your civilization. It lets you build mechs and dictates what other buildings you can construct....
    Mechrage: main

    Mechrage: commander

    Mechrage: commander
    After constructing a Ki-Lab, you can recruit commanders to lead your army....
    Mechrage: commander

    Mechrage: area

    Mechrage: area
    Here we can scout the area around my base....
    Mechrage: area

MechRage is a free to play, MMORTS title set in the distance future of plant Earth. MechRage includes a vast array of interesting MMORTS mechanics, some tried and tested, others new to the genre, all of which is packaged in a Sci-Fi based setting featuring futuristic technology and high-quality, browser-based graphics. Players don't have to endure a day of downloading a huge client to enjoy MechRage, it takes a few seconds to create an account so you can be forming your mech army within minutes of reaching the website.

Unlike other MMORTS games that feature typical medieval settings and units, MechRage adopts a more futuristic approach removing pikeman and cavalry, and in their place adding strong, mechanical robot units that can be fully customized. Your commander features as your main mech, an individual unit that is among the most powerful in the game. You can customize your commander mech using a huge variety of items, all of which can effect armor, weapons and movement rate. The more combat your commander is involved in, and the more quests they complete, the more experience points they gain unlocking access to various new skills and abilities.

As well as your commander mech, you can also build an entire army of lesser mech units. Certain mech units are designed to counter other units, such as anti-air, anti-infantry and anti-vehicle. This system rewards skilled tacticians that create an army from a variety of different units, preparing it for any situation against any type of enemy.

Similar to other MMO RTS games, MechRage also allows players to build and maintain a base of operations. This base is where you will perform the majority of your daily actions, such as constructing buildings and designing mech units. In order to use various buildings and mechs, you must first get a reliable flow of resources. This is done by constructing a large amount of resource gathering buildings, giving you the ability to expand your base and create a huge army.

If you're tired of the typical medieval themed MMORTS games, MechRage is a great change of pace that includes all of the features from your favorite RTS titles, but in a unique wrapping of Sci-Fi based, futuristic units and technologies.

By Rachel Rosen

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