MechQuest grand finale update on July 26

By Michael Jamias
mechquest grand finale july 26

The last-ever quest to be added to MechQuest will go live on July 26, and after that no more updates are coming.

Developer Artix Entertainment said the MechQuest final quest update titled End of the Universe will serve as the thrilling conclusion to the sci-fi no download mmorpg where players mainly built mech war machines for destructive PvP.

The finale update marks a total development stoppage for the MechQuest. The game will no longer be updated on a weekly basis, as it has been since October 2007.

Artix assured though that "this isn’t a game over" for MechQuest and that the mmorpg will continue to host battles and adventures for its existing 13 million players.

"The RPG will still be playable with all the previous content intact for new and veteran users," the developer said.

The decision to stop rolling out updates for the game should hurt its subscriber numbers though, since some MMORPG fans, especially the veterans who have done it all, will likely lose interest with no new missions to conquer or new gear to collect.

On the bright side, fans of Artix games can expect development for their pipeline of projects to speed up. The team of artists, animators and game writers who have been supporting MechQuest will now be able to focus more fully on other Artix games.


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