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  • Mechquest: char

    Mechquest: char
    There are not many customization option in Mechquest. Just pick the colors, make a few decisions about your pilot and hop into the...
    Mechquest: char

    Mechquest: npc

    Mechquest: npc
    Talk to NPCs to get help when you are lost, shop, or start new quests....
    Mechquest: npc

    Mechquest: battle

    Mechquest: battle
    Mechquest uses turn based combat. When it is your turn, pick your attack. Keep in mind that when your energy bar runs out, you wil...
    Mechquest: battle

    Mechquest: explore

    Mechquest: explore
    Explore and interract with NPCs and objects. Many NPCs will have the ! symbol so talk to everyone....
    Mechquest: explore

MechQuest is a mecha no download mmorpg developed and published by Artix Entertainment. Mecha games allow players to build a war machine (mech) and battle other players' mechs. These war machines usually look like costumes and are also called robots. The most important feature of mecha games is robot customization. MechQuest has a sci fi/fantasy theme so the action takes place on different planets. Each town has certain points of interest.

When creating their first MechQuest pilot (character), players can choose between male and female gender, a few hair styles, hair color and skin color. Mech color can also be changed. Your first mech, suggestively called Newbatron, has some basic weapons and a coffee maker. Character info sheet displays level, credits, owned mechs and mech parts. Until level 3, players will remain in a starting area where they complete a few missions. The tutorial teaches MechQuest basics and gets players familiarized with the item shops. Depending on their status and MechQuest money, players can access different shops. The basic shop is for everyone. Star captain shop requires a premium subscription. Nova gems shop uses MechQuest premium currency. The rare shop is for special items. MechQuest mmorpg events are also unlocked at the shop. Each mech has 3 stats: hp, ep and regen. Arm, shoulder and head parts are characterized by damage, energy and cooldown. Some may have a bonus stat. Premium members have unrestricted access to all MechQuest content. This includes more missions, 20 additional mech slots, weapons, armor and some nova gem. Players can train their combat skills at Gears University. MechQuest characters have 6 stats: power, accuracy, reflex, perception, efficiency and luck.

Mech combat is the main feature of MechQuest browser mmo. It’s turned based and during each turn, players use their mech abilities. There are 6 actions slots. Turns can be skipped. Players can leave combat at any time using the eject option. There are 3 difficulty settings from normal to very hard. The winner gets XP and credits. Planetary Defender is a mini MechQuest game, arcade style. Most of the quests involve combat. Players can battle even without mechs. These are called melee battles and the mechanics are the same. A very nice feature is that each quest has a story written in a funny, light tone. Each completed quest uncovers a secret about MechQuest world. The story is pretty entertaining but, PvE gameplay is somehow slow paced and repetitive. PvP battles are the fun part. MechQuest doesn’t support massive mmo battles, only duels where your skills and strategy will make a difference.

By Rachel Rosen


MechQuest grand finale update on July 26

The last-ever quest to be added to MechQuest will go live on July 26, and after that no more updates are coming. Developer Artix ...
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