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  • Marvel Avengers Alliance: Character...

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Character...
    Very limited customization and two genders to choose from the start....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Character...

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Combat

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Combat
    Back and forth turn based system, inventory extra's like grenades can be used....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Combat

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Hero Sele...

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Hero Sele...
    Eventually you begin to unlock heroes and fight enemies with various heroes....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: Hero Sele...

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: City

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: City
    The game displays a city environment initially, areas will be highlighted for battles....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: City
  • Marvel Avengers Alliance: character...

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: character...
    Character creation and customization options when you start the game for the first time....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: character...

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: attack

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: attack
    The game has turn based attack sequences....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: attack

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: story

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: story
    They have story-line additions between combats. The graphics are great for a turn-based social network game that runs on Facebook....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: story

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: help

    Marvel Avengers Alliance: help
    You can recruit other team members to support you in combat....
    Marvel Avengers Alliance: help

Marvel Avengers Alliance Gameplay First Look

Marvel Avengers Alliance Gameplay First Look

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is the latest RPG from Playdom. In the game you are put into the role of an upstart agent in the Marvel Universe's covert operations facility S.H.I.E.L.D.  The agency is staffed by regular humans, but they often get tangled up in the affairs of the superhuman community.  In Marvel: Avengers Alliance you are sent off into the field with the help of the likes of Spider-Man, Beast and Thor as they begin to investigate a mysterious new substance known as ISO-8.  This new substance has been giving even the most basic thugs the strength to go head-to-head with The Avengers. 
Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a nod to the classic turn-based role-playing games that gamers have loved for decades. Your party features three members, each of which will take turns attacking enemies in the battle screen.  All of your actions from range attacks to defensive buffs to item uses, use stamina which will need to be replenished before each battle.  The mechanics are simple enough, but there is a great deal of strategy needed in order to defeat your foes.  There are many different character types in the game and five different classes to choose from.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a new, social, no download mmorpg, developed by Playdom. Marvel: Avengers Alliance can be played on Facebook. Players just need a Facebook account and a web browser that supports Adobe Flash. Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the mmo, draws its inspiration from the famous Marvel comics. Game world and characters are all based on Marvel’s Avengers. As one can imagine, if a game has superheroes then the plot must be about world destruction or something just as bad. In this case, evil doers have set their target on Manhattan. Players dive into Marvel: Avengers Alliance adventures as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. They will form a team of superheroes and save New York. Marvel: Avengers Alliance has 10 chapters and each chapter has several missions.

Players get to have 2 Marvel: Avengers Alliance superheroes by their side. There are 32 superheroes but only 2 can be selected for a mission at a time. All heroes can be eventually unlocked. Marvel: Avengers Alliance has 5 types of superheroes: Blasters, Bruisers, Scrappers, Infiltrators and Tacticians. Blasters do good damage but have reduced armor. Iron Man and Storm are 2 heroes from the Blaster class. Bruisers are strong fighters. Thor and Hulk are Bruisers. The Scrappers can output considerable amounts of damage but lack evasion. Spider Woman and Wolverine are among Scrapper superheroes. Infiltrators have high evasion but their damage is not so great. Gambit and the Invisible Woman are Infiltrators. Tacticians are a Marvel: Avengers Alliance class characterized by strong resistances. Some of the Tactician superheroes are Captain America, Cyclops and Mr. Fantastic. Each Marvel: Avengers Alliance free mmo class has particular strengths and weaknesses when fighting against other classes. For example, Tacticians are strong against Blasters but weak against Infiltrators. The players themselves and bosses fall in the Generalists category. Every superhero has its own set of customizable skills and abilities. Besides hero customization, Marvel: Avengers Alliance also offers agent (playable character) advancement. Agents level up and gain access to better gear for their superheroes.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance uses several types of currencies. S.H.I.E.L.D. points can be spent on items and research. S.H.I.E.L.D. points are gained by interacting with other Marvel: Avengers Alliance players from your friends list. Command Points are used to recruit new superheroes. Command Points come as rewards from defeating bosses and earning 5 stars in missions. Gold is the Marvel: Avengers Alliance premium currency. Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a free no download mmorpg focused on player interaction. Marvel: Avengers Alliance has a PvP system so players can test their skills against each other.

By Rachel Rosen




Spend five minutes playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance and you’ll be drawn to its sleek superhero comic book graphics. The game has surprisingly fluid battle animations which display the unique abilities of Heroes such as how Captain America rams his enemies using his Shield, or how Iron Man shoots out rockets to devastate his enemies.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance battle animations display the trademark moves of each superhero.

Developers attempt to capture the fighting stances of each hero accurately, which makes combat very entertaining to watch. Heroes can also be dressed up in a selection of uniforms to further enhance their look, although most of these will be available only via the cash shop.

Customization options though for your Agent avatar are constrained to just four areas: Choosing your agent's name, his or her gender, hair style and face.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance asks you to create an Agent that will serve as your avatar and team up with iconic superheroes in battle.

The hair styles do have a lot of variety -- two dozen style and color combinations -- but it's slim pickings when it comes to the face. This is made up for by the ability to equip different weapons and armors to your Agent and Heroes, which will alter their combat appearance similar to mmorpg games.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance focuses more on sound effects than background music, which was a great decision since for a superhero game you would want to hear the thump of Thor’s hammer blows or the crackling strike of Whiplash. The same cog icon you clicked to shift into full screen mode also contains options to turn on/off the sound effects, as well as to turn on/off the background music, if these prove to be too bothersome while playing.


The game slips you into the role of an exceptionally capable Agent who joins the Marvel: Avengers Alliance when the world is plunged into a mysterious tech shutdown. The story goes like this: A massive Pulse has hit the planet and brings the current tech infrastructure to haywire. You help the crime fighters investigate the cause of the Pulse and prevent the villains from taking advantage of the ensuing chaos to carry out their evil plans.

In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Nick Fury serves as your mission commander and sends you out to thwart villains going rampant after the disruptive Pulse event.

You begin in the training room with Maria Hill -- the former director of popular defense-intelligence group S.H.I.E.L.D. -- to get you familiarized with the battle system before Nick Fury takes over as your mission commander, sending you off to various locations in New York City alongside Iron Man, Black Widow and dozens of other Heroes.

You can recruit more than 40 Heroes in Marvel: Avengers Alliance each with their own Class designation, specialized powers and unique combat stats.

Players can expect to recruit more than 40 of the most popular Marvel superheroes, but a considerable number of these will cost cash shop currency to acquire.

The story is well-written, engaging and has the urgency of a comic book or cartoon superhero plot. The game manages to get most of the Hero voices and attitudes right, like how Tony Stark is brilliant but cocky toward even his team mates while the capable commander Nick Fury keeps him in check. Heroes are nuanced and it’s fairly obvious that they took time to pore through the comic books for inspiration on how the characters talk, fight and interact with each other when working on the same mission.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a battle-centric, turn-based no download mmorpg. You focus on leveling up your created Agent and the Heroes on your roster. Each successful win nets you XP and occasional rewards, especially after boss fights. XP raises the level of your Heroes and after training they can learn new abilities and unlock gear slots.

Leveling Heroes is at the heart of Marvel: Avengers Alliance since stronger Heroes allow you to take on much stronger enemies found in later chapter episodes.

At the center of its battle mechanics is the five-Class system. Each Hero you recruit belongs to one of five Classes – sneaky Infiltrators like Black Widow; smart Tacticians like Hawk Eye; destructive Blasters like Iron Man; tough Bruisers like Thor; and agile Scrappers like Whiplash.

Each Class is specifically weak and strong against one other class in this order: Blaster > Bruiser > Scrapper > Infiltrator > Tactician > Blaster. So Bruisers are strong against Scrappers but weak against Blasters. Make sure to check the class of your enemy and pick your team to have a natural advantage. Simply fielding a counter-class Hero will make a night-and-day difference in the difficulty of your fights. It’s easy enough to identify the classes with through their color icons. In the picture below, you can easily tell that Black Widow is an Infiltrator through the purple boots icon beside her name and Iron Man is a blaster as indicated by the red explosion icon.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance pits two Heroes and your Agent character in each battle, with swaps enabled before the start of the fight to counter the enemies’ class types.

The game also caters to new players by serving up combat information on a silver platter. Just hover over Heroes and abilities to get a detailed description of their damage output, health, and other critical stats.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance uses the same Energy system that’s now rampant in free browser games. Each fight will deplete your Energy, which recovers slowly over time at a rate of 1 Energy per 5 minutes or can be filled up via the cash shop.

Free players can expect to deplete their Energy after an hour of play, which can be too short on weekends. This has been designed intentionally to lure big spenders to purchase Gold, top up on Energy, and keep playing for longer marathon sessions.

Gold can also be spent on a staggering number of other in-game items and services. You can spend them to recruit new Heroes or deck out your Agent character in nifty gear and battle-winning items. Gold can also be spent to skip those annoying in-game ads. You can easily blow $100 in a single month at the cash shop to really push out your progress and get an edge in PvP.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance offers so much stuff for sale on the cash shop such as essential Energy and resources, gear, Hero uniforms and battle-winning supplies.

Big spenders are very handsomely rewarded in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, while free players might quickly find themselves constrained with actions. A smart solution that tries to address this problem is the ally system, where other human players can gift you with almost whatever you need. Just one click and you send out a message to your friends that you need, for example, additional Energy or Alliance points to train your characters further. Players who help you out gains points which will allow them to become eligible Tournament prizes. This encourages big spenders to share their considerable resources to free players in order to secure extra rare rewards.

Unique Fun Factor

Marvel: Avengers Alliance will impress fans because of how well it respected the source comic book materials while delivering a gripping plot and a deep, but easy-to-understand combat system. Much like how DC Universe Online became the definitive title for the DC Universe franchise, Marvel: Avengers Alliance can proudly claim serve as the standard-bearer for the Marvel Comics franchise -- at least at until the currently in-development Marvel MMO gets released.


- Well-crafted, original story that seems to have come straight from a classic superhero comic book
- Great-looking visuals and combat effects make fights quite entertaining to watch
- Deep and tactical RPG experience with hefty content in the play-as-you-please package of a browser game


- Keeping all your Heroes up to level can become a time-consuming and cash-intensive chore
- Some boss fights are nearly impossible to win overly powerful cash shop items.
- PvP battles are often tipped towards heavy cash shop spenders who will have better gear, uniforms and resources than you.

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