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Mars Tomorrow is a free to play browser MMO building tycoon simulator game developed and published by gameFabrik. Mars is humanity's last refuge. Living on Earth is no longer possible so the human race has no other choice but to colonize and terraform the red planet. Mars Tomorrow players experience the game as settlers in a group of colonists. Gameplay consists of city building, tycoon features and player interaction. New players are required to choose their starting area. Each player will be presented with four options. All areas are game instances with population being the only different factor. It's not important which one is chosen. It's recommended for new players to start in a low populated colony unless they have friends somewhere else. There's a quick Mars Tomorrow tutorial that teaches the basics.

Colonists objective is to terraform the entire surface of Mars and that's not the easiest task. The planet is nothing more than a wasteland with no breathable atmosphere. No sign of vegetation can be seen. Players first job is to secure some resources to support the staring colony. Most browser RTS games use wood, stone, ore and such as resources but Mars Tomorrow aims to provide a somewhat realistic colonization experience so players will need carbon dioxide, water and oxygen in the beginning. These resources along with some other materials are consumed to ensure the survival of the new colony. Mars Tomorrow players use Mars Rovers to transport resources from one place to another. Population will grow over time. Colonies develop economies of their own. Mars Tomorrow players will soon meet another challenge. They will have to carefully manage resources to support growing population while not interfering with the new Earth like Martian ecosystem. Once every 10 days, a new terraforming phase begins giving players a different crisis to deal with. When the terraforming process is successfully completed Mars turns into a life supporting environment. Players will notice bodies of water, meteorological phenomenons like rain and clouds and development of basic photosynthetic organisms. This happens after eight phases.

Each Mars Tomorrow phase brings not only new challenges but better methods to complete the tasks. Mars Rovers will be upgraded with plug-ins. Other vehicles are unlocked. Mars Tomorrow players interact in a MMO environment. There are various multiplayer activities that reward best players with special prizes including Tritium. This is premium currency and it's spent on upgrades or VIP membership. The game can be played on any device. Mobile iOS and Android versions are available. There's also a small downloadable client for Windows and Mac OS X. Mars Tomorrow has pleasant 2D graphics.

By Rachel Rosen

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