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  • Managore: mine

    Managore: mine
    Build and upgrade resource mines to increase your resource production....
    Managore: mine

    Managore: premium

    Managore: premium
    You can buy resources and see players that paid for resources....
    Managore: premium

    Managore: skills

    Managore: skills
    Speclialize by speccing into skills as you level up....
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    Managore: army

    Managore: army
    Don't forget to train your army as soon as possible....
    Managore: army

Managore is a fantasy-based MMORTS game that combines high quality images with an interesting 2D background map. Managore gives players the opportunity to construct a huge fantasy kingdom, raise an army of varied units and then spread across the world in an attempt to dominate the globe.

Managore is home to 3 distinct races, Orcs, Elves and Undead. Each race has a different approach to architecture and unit design, offering players 3 distinct ways to play the game. Each race also hasvarious benefits in the kingdom. The Orcs are adept miners and savage fighters, giving them some of the strongest units in the game and allowing them to mine faster than any other race. The Elves are an intelligent race, as such their construction teams work at a faster rate, decreasing the cost of constructing buildings and speeding up the process of researching. The final race, the Undead, are more specialized towards unit management as they can occupy an enemy kingdom with just a few units.

Managore provides every faction with 3 distinct methods of progression, using 3 different areas of construction. The 3 available areas are Resource, Military and Industrial zone. Each zone has at least 6 buildings available, all of which are vital to your war efforts. The resource zone is where players construct various buildings to gather resources, a vital ingredient in every aspect of the game. The Industry zone is the place for buildings that are used in research development, equipment creation and other assets to aid your cause. The final zone, the Military zone is where players can construct buildings that allow them to train a huge variety of troops.

Managore also includes a highly customizable Hero system. Every player gets their own hero, that can be changed by using the in-game premium store. There's a large variety of heroes available, all of which can be customized by changing the heroes name or equipping them with a huge amount of different items and equipment.

By Rachel Rosen

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