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Magic Quest: TCG is a strategy cards game developed and published by FrozenShard Games. The game can be played on multiple platforms. Players will find it among the free browser games available from Kongregate portal. Mobile Magic Quest: TCG versions for iOS and Android allow players to enjoy the game on tablets or smartphones. It's also possible to play the game on Facebook. No matter what platform they choose, players have access to the same content. The game begins when the main protagonist wakes up in the Emerald Forest. Players learn that all his valuables were taken from him and now he is looking to pay back to those who robbed him. Magic Quest: TCG has a main story campaign that follows the summoner and his adventures in the realm of Magorbis.

Players will be asked to choose one of the available classes. Magic Quest: TCG has a MMORPG like class selection that gives players the chance to choose between a warrior, a mage, a hunter and many other familiar roles. Gameplay features deck building, PvE campaign, PvP matches and multiplayer content. Players get to know the game better as they complete missions from the PvE campaign. They will accompany the summoner in his journey to become a hero in the Radiant Army. Quests and missions send players all over the land of Magorbis, from the Emerald Forest to the Sunfury Kingdom. Each completed mission rewards players with XP and items. Magic Quest: TCG heroes grow stronger as they acquire XP. Completing the campaign is the best way to level up. Players earn not just XP but they also unlock minions for their armies of creatures. These are the units that are used in battles. Magic Quest: TCG features many unit cards that represent creatures from different races. Players are able to recruit humans, elves, orcs and all sorts of fantasy beings.

A deck of cards contains units, heroes and spells. Magic Quest: TCG players are free to customize their decks as they please. The deck must be changed or updated depending on the encounter. Social interaction systems allow players to create and join guilds. Magic Quest: TCG has raid battles just like MMORPG games so players will need to team up for encounters like the Dragon Sanctuary. Dungeons are part of the gameplay as well. Many rare prizes can be obtained from clearing dungeons. When players are tired of fighting monsters, they meet in PvP battles to test their skills. Some stick to friendly duels against buddies while others challenge random players. There are plenty of ways to enjoy PvP content. Magic Quest: TCG features cross platform player interaction.

By Rachel Rosen

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