Magic Barrage enters open beta

By Michael Jamias
magic barrage open beta

Ah, the memories Magic Barrage bring back!

This retro-style free to play mmo from R2Games has catapulted into open beta, to the cheers of nostalgic players who want to rekindle their love (and eventually hair-pulling hate) for bullet hell games popularized in the early '90s.

You can sign in with an existing R2Games account -- the same one you use for playing browser games like Wartune, Eternal Saga or Dragon Pals. Or create a new account which takes about a minute or so.

After logging in and loading the browser mmo, you'll be asked to choose one of eight playable classes, each possessing four main abilities.

Only three classes - the Warrior, Mage and Archer -- are available free from the get-go. The other five -- the Priest, Ninja, Paladin, Warlock and Assassin -- can be unlocked once you've reached certain character levels, or you spend some cash for instant access.

Free players also only have three character slots, with more slots unlocked by microtransaction spending.

For the actual combat, it's hectic and heart-pounding, especially the boss fights that require you to evade thousands of little dots spewing across the screen. With the way the character development and leveling has been planned, prepare to sink dozens or even hundreds of hours in this title.


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