Lunaria Story moves to open beta chapter

By Michael Jamias
lunaria story open beta

At exactly April 26 10am EST, Lunaria Story's English language version ventures into open beta.

Players who want to join the open beta should sign up at the official Lunaria Story site.

The beta comes after the game's alpha run which closes at 03:00 AM EDT on April 26th. A single server will be opened with more likely to be opened once during the official launch and as demand for it rises, as has become the industry practice.

Lunaria Story had earlier begun beta in china, where the 2D sidescrolling MMORPG has amassed nearly one million players, according to developer R2Games.

Part of what made Lunaria Story a hit among browser games fans is its approachable visual and combat styles that are reminiscent of other popular titles like MapleStory.

Its avatar customization system has also been said to be a major drawing factor, with players able to collect suits that resemble some of the most iconic characters in fantasy universes such as folktales and other games.

PvP also occupies a more central role in Lunaria Story, which ups the competitive drive among players.



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