Lords and Knights gets a festive X-Mas edition

By Michael Jamias
lords and knights x mas edition

The free mmo Lord and Knights turns on the holiday mood by introducing snow-covered maps and Christmas music.

Get a visual sneak peek of the list of changes with this Lord and Knights X-Mas Edition trailer:

For a short time, the no download mmorpg will be decorated with candy canes, tinsel and Christmas candles. Meanwhile, players will get to see their medieval army in adorable seasonal attire.

"With snow-covered landscapes, christmas trees inside the castles, soldiers in party attire holding sweet candy canes, knights blazoned with jolly christmas hats and fancy baubles, Lords and Knights truly celebrate the feast of love," said developers in describing the visual changes.

The Lord and Knights X-Mas Edition also fills the game with Christmassy tunes, chants and special sound effects that give players some merriment.

Fans might be even be surprised to find Santa Claus hanging out in one of the castles, teased developers, suggesting that there are more nuggets of surprises in this special game edition.

Thee X-Mas Edition can be downloaded and played using existing Lords & Knights accounts, making it seamless to jump between the two versions.

Both versions of the App also connect to the same servers so those running the X-mas edition still possible to play alongside players on the classic version.


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