Lords and Knights brings on battle servers

By Michael Jamias
lords and knights battle servers launch

Three battle servers are now live in Lords and Knights, and they're proving to be bloody popular among strategy mmo fans.

The promise of large-scale medieval conflicts and bloodbaths has attracted 50,000 new logins in just the first three days, which for indie browser games developer Xyrality can count as glowing success.

"These game worlds offer particularly good conditions for war-hungry players who are looking for lots of action," said Xyrality on what makes the battle servers different from the normal servers.

"Considering these servers are explicitly international, players can compete in direct combat with other nations for the first time," they added.

Players in battle servers start out with more resources, larger storage capacities and more expansive armies. Mix these with faster progression speed and more aggressive competition, and what you get is an exciting adrenaline rush that will make even the most hardened strategy veteran break out in a sweat.

Aside from offering experience players a more thrilling challenge, the battle servers is also a prime testing ground for new features.

"They can try out the recently implemented new features straight away and use them for an optimal start." said Torben-Lennart Böge, co-founder and Head of Game Design at the Hamburg game developer Xyrality.


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