Lord of Ultima shutting down in May

By Michael Jamias
lord of ultima shutting down

Sadly, Caledonia is coming to a close with Electronic Arts announcing the  Lord of Ultima planned shutdown.

The free to play mmo will be given exactly three months to wind up the game before the server permanently shutters on May 12, 07:00 UTC.

Lord of Ultima has had a decent four-year run after launching back in 2010, and primarily attracted players who wanted to build cities and armies while vying for power in the easy-to-play format of a no download mmorpg. Loyal fans liked its slower pacing and strategy depth, but critics suggested it was not friendly to casual players.

"It is always hard when we are met with such choices and the decision to retire older games is never an easy one. We cannot thank those who have supported us enough, and throughout the years of Lord of Ultima’s existence it has been the pleasure of both past and present developers to have been on this journey with you," said EA in its closure announcement post.

EA said those who still possess a balance of in-game currency are encouraged to spend it before the game shutdown. Consequently, players will no longer be able to purchase Play4Free Funds, or register new accounts.

"The race to be the final Lords will continue however until the closing date so if you’re already on your way to the end game, you still have your chance to become one of Caledonia’s final victors," assured EA, meaning that fans can still set game goals for the remaining 3 months.


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