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Lord of Ultima is a graphically impressive MMORTS title published by the EA studio, Phenomic. Phenomic are no strangers to RTS games as they've published other popular strategy titles such as Battle Forge and the recently released Command And Conquer Tiberium Alliances. Lord of Ultima provides players with all of the regular MMORTS features, wrapped up in a glorious medieval theme and displayed in some of the best graphics you'll find in browser games, and best of all, it's totally free to play.

Lord of Ultima provides players with a unique construction system using a massive variety of buildings. Each building has a specific use, such a a Farm harvesting food, a Quarry gathering stone and a Barracks training troops but strategy fans will love the combination system used to increase the effect of each building. The majority of the buildings available in the game provide some kind of resources or rare material, to increase the hourly gain of these materials players can construct other buildings nearby that improve effects. As an example, a Farm will harvest more food when near a lake or empty fields, the yield can be increased further by adding a Cottage as somewhere for the farmer to live. This same system spreads to multiple buildings throughout the game, creating a system with high appeal for fans of the min-maxing aspect of MMORTS games.

Another great aspect to Lord of Ultima is the defensive system. Lord of Ultima puts a heavy emphasis on PvP so players will want to develop the best defense they can to protect their kingdom. There's a huge variety of defensive buildings available including Pit Fall Traps, Castle Walls and large selection of Turrets and Towers. Each defensive unit provides players with different strengths against certain units, meaning players will have to place defensive items in close proximity to ensure they're able to fend off attacks from a variety of different units.

Lord of Ultima is easily one of the highest quality MMORTS games available on the internet, the abundance of unique features, combined with the in-depth construction and defensive aspects makes it a must play title for any strategy fans.

By Rachel Rosen


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