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  • Lord of Ages: buildings

    Lord of Ages: buildings
    Build buildings on empty plots of land....
    Lord of Ages: buildings

    Lord of Ages: quests

    Lord of Ages: quests
    Check your quest log often. Quests will guide you through the first few hours of play and give you rewards to use....
    Lord of Ages: quests

    Lord of Ages: town hall

    Lord of Ages: town hall
    Remember to upgrade your Town Hall and other buildings....
    Lord of Ages: town hall

    Lord of Ages: barracks

    Lord of Ages: barracks
    After building a barracks, you can start working on recruiting a military....
    Lord of Ages: barracks

Lord of Ages is a free to play MMORTS game that combines elements from both the MMORTS and MMORPG genres. Lord of Ages provides a real-time environment with many features related to military and construction management. Lord of Ages is set during the iconic medieval times, so players can expect brave knights, damsels in distress and a number of fantastical creatures. Lord of Ages boasts some of the most attractive graphics seen in browser-based MMORTS games featuring highly detailed character and building models that set perfectly with the medieval theme.

Lord of Ages includes many of the common MMORTS features but adds a unique twist to practically all of them. One of the most notable is the building and construction system. Players familiar with this genre will be used to waiting hours, if not days, for buildings to be completed. At the beginning, the buildings in Lord of Ages construct almost instantly, and you're not limited by a 1-2 size build queue. Instead Lord of Ages allows you to construct up to 5 different buildings at once, without the need for premium items.

Another MMORTS feature that Lord of Ages expands on is the hero system. MMORTS players will be familiar with the standard system that allows players to choose one specific character to govern over their army, but Lord of Ages adds even more elements to an already popular feature. Players have total control over their heroes stats and progression. As soon as you recruit a hero you can begin the customization process by giving them a unique name, from here, take them out to battle and raid enemy towns to increase their level. As they level, you can assign their stats points into various fields, allowing you to create your very own unit of destruction. There are also dozens of items available for your hero, allowing you to mix and match from hundreds of combinations to find the right build for you.

The questing system in Lord of Ages is also great fun to use. Players are not forced to search around towns for NPCs with big signs above their head, instead all quests are available at the simple push of a button. Players can complete and progress through quest chains without having to do anything but the objective itself. Creating a fast paced quest system that allows you to focus on more exciting aspects of Lord of Ages such as combat and diplomacy.

By Rachel Rosen


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