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Lil’ Conquest is a strategy browser MMO developed and published by LOYGAME. The gameplay has strategy features and empire management. Players will develop their village and turn it into the capital of an empire. Various types of soldiers come to join players armies. Lil’ Conquest unit selection features all sorts of troops. Strategy is not used only on the battlefield but also when planning economic development. Players need to make the most out of their limited territories. Profit is spent on military units and on research technologies. Heroes are trained to become better fighters. Some units are better than others and players will want only the best for their armies. Soldiers must be equipment with quality gear. Lil’ Conquest players fight to accumulate riches and to expand their lands.

The game world and activities are inspired by real locations and events. Lil’ Conquest sends players to fight in the Spartan wars or to conquer Constantinople. They will meet Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and many other historical leaders. Lil’ Conquest is a free MMO with a turn based combat system, however, the number of turns is limited to three. Player know they have only three or even less shots at vanquishing the opponent. To win a battle players must defeat all enemies. An army consists of heroes and units. The hero selection numbers more than 65 different champions with unique powers and commanding skills. Lil’ Conquest has four types of units. Players build their armies with archers, infantry soldiers, musketeers and cavalry. Heroes command divisions. Players will have to study each hero's skills before assigning it to a squadron. Gear is also important because not all soldiers benefit from using the same equipment. There are more than 80 available weapons. Multiple strategies have to be considered before engaging in battles. There are only three rounds and players cannot afford to leave anything to chance. More than 39 unique buildings unlock access to various features and research opportunities.

Lil’ Conquest has PvE mode and PvP interaction. A ton of PvE quests are available. Players can challenge other leaders in the Arena or invade their lands in raid mode. Empires are expanded with cities captured from other players. Escort missions are among the game's activities as well. Lil’ Conquest is one of the free browser games that have holiday related events. Halloween themed events where players fight against Chinese zombie soldiers and many other fun celebrations are held all year long. Lil’ Conquest social interaction features include alliances and special prizes for those who engage in multiplayer activities.

By Rachel Rosen

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