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Levorium is a browser based MMORTS developed and published by LVR Studio. It's a strategy game with empire management and faction wars. Players get to rule over a city. They will decide which buildings to construct and which units to recruit. Fantasy elements blend in with a medieval theme. Magic is part of the Levorium world. Players will encounter unicorns, satyrs, naga, harpies and many other fantasy races. Players interaction is achieved with alliances and faction wars. Levorium is home to two warring factions. When the game begins players will have to choose one of the two factions. After a choice is made members of the other faction automatically become enemies. Players can form alliances with members of their faction. An auto balancing system makes sure that no faction receives unfair advantages.

The buildings selection includes various constructions. There are production buildings, military facilities and research centers. Levorium is one of the free MMO games where units come from different buildings. There are more than 60 unique soldiers classifed by type and specialization. Infantry units, the most common type of soldiers, are recruited from the barracks. Elemental troops such as fire, water, air and earth come from the buildings called portals. No matter of their type all units must be sustained with food. The mill, farm and paddock buildings provide food. Mines and the blacksmith shop increase the production of other resources such as iron and gold. These resources are used for construction and for unit recruiting. The science center and the mages guild are the buildings that unlock Levorium research feature. New technologies and spells allow players to have stronger units and better development. The prefecture gives statistics about the city. Players can check out food stocks, discoveries, development progress and some other info. Levorium players who want to interact with other users and to keep an eye on their enemies should build a council hall and an observation tower. Markets give players the chance to trade resources.

Levorium factions are led by the sons of the dead emperor. They couldn't agree on how to rule the kingdom so they started a war: lions versus dragons. This conflict is aggravated by the return of the Lich, the leader of the undead army. Levorium is one of the browser RTS games with PvE and PvP content. PvE combat requires players to defeat undead creatures and to take back their lands. PvP fights take place between members of the two opposing factions. Four leaderboards rank players and alliances based on attack, defense, occupation and robbery. New players receive a registration gift that contains premium currency. Levorium is a free game with optional VIP features.

By Rachel Rosen

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