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  • Legends of Xian: recruit

    Legends of Xian: recruit
    Recruit heroes to lead your empire to victory....
    Legends of Xian: recruit

    Legends of Xian: quest

    Legends of Xian: quest
    Talk to NPCs in cities to accept and turn in quests....
    Legends of Xian: quest

    Legends of Xian: shop

    Legends of Xian: shop
    Head to the shop to find new gear and consumeable items....
    Legends of Xian: shop

    Legends of Xian: combat

    Legends of Xian: combat
    Combat in Legends of Xian is out of your control. Just setup your army and watch the fight....
    Legends of Xian: combat

Developed and published by gaming portal Lekool, Legends of Xian is a free to play, oriental themed browser mmo based during a time of turmoil in China.

Legends of Xian prides itself on an active and friendly community. There are always exciting events happening in game such as PK Contests. A group of players sign up with the hopes of emerging victorious in PvP combat and claiming a rather large reward. Other events include Maze, a maze is constructed and players must escape in order to claim a prize, and Treasure Hunts, items that are hidden on certain enemies. Players that are able to kill these enemies can pay to unlock the treasure chest for a chance at receiving rare items and weapons.

The gear system in Legends of Xian is also quite innovative, as is normal with today's MMORPG games, an items potency is measured by the name of the item, with poor being the lowest and epic being the highest. Players can use the Gem system to increase the overall power of an item by finding rare gems and attempting to improve the item. This allows players to keep certain items with great effects or appearance options, without feeling like they have nerfed their character.

Legends of Xian also includes an innovative item and weapon customization system called the forge. Players are able to find special items that they can combine with weapons and items that have the appropriate slots. Players can choose to repeatedly increase the power of a specific item, although the higher the rating, the more chance the improvement has of failing. Certain players make a living by creating and improving these items to sell them on to other players.

Players can play Legends of Xian for free but micro transactions are an option if you want to progress through the game a little quicker.

By Rachel Rosen

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