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  • Legend Warrior: Choosing a Class

    Legend Warrior: Choosing a Class
    A very simplistic login, contains 3 classes with both male and female options....
    Legend Warrior: Choosing a Class

    Legend Warrior: The Beginning

    Legend Warrior: The Beginning
    A legendary warrior must begin his path somewhere....
    Legend Warrior: The Beginning

    Legend Warrior: Combat

    Legend Warrior: Combat
    Within the first few minutes I find myself in combat....
    Legend Warrior: Combat

    Legend Warrior: Victory

    Legend Warrior: Victory
    I successfully dispatch of my opponent and become one step closer to becoming a legendary warrior....
    Legend Warrior: Victory

Legend Warrior is a new, free browser mmo, published by Dovogame. In Legend Warrior, the player takes the role of a mysterious benefactor. He or she helps the possessors of the powerful Immortal Scroll. The action takes place in ancient China. Legend Warrior has three main classes. Each class can perform two roles. The Valiant is a melee fighter. They will always engage in face to face combat. The sub roles for Valiant are killer and tank. The Assassin is a rogue type class. Assassins can have a crowd control role or deal damage. The last class is Warlock. A warlock can act as a mage or healer.

Each Legend Warrior class has its own weapons, gear and preferred stats. In Legend Warrior, stats are called attributes. Attributes are categorized into primary and secondary. The primary attributes are: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Stamina. The secondary stats are: attack speed, hit rating, resistances, attack and spell power, shield, dodge, impale and critical rating. Stats are not fixed. After reaching a certain level or acquiring special items stats can be changed. Legend Warrior has several leveling choices. The most common way is questing. Running multiplayer instances is also effective, more challenging and fun. Legend Warrior has training chambers where warriors can become stronger. In Legend Warrior, experience also grows on trees. This is not a joke. Warriors have farms where they can plant such trees. Legend Warrior gameplay consists mainly of completing quests and following the story. The combat is turn based in this side scrolling, no download mmorpg. Legend Warrior has a few interesting features. One of them is recycling. This allows players to reuse their equipment. After level 30, players can access the Chakra feature. This system makes warriors more powerful. Shrines are a quicker way to gain experience. They are available for limited periods of time. Characters need to be at least level 20 to access a shrine. Legend Warrior has a ranking system where best warriors are listed. There are multiple ranks that can be achieved. Players can use the action house to trade items.

Legend Warrior is a free to play mmo. There is a cash shop where all sorts of items can be bought for real money. This doesn’t mean that non paying members don’t have a chance. Spending money will just speed up things. Ultimately, Legend Warrior is about having fun so there’s no point in rushing in. The official website has a few guides for new players. There is an in game tutorial too. Legend Warrior atmosphere will be the first thing to captivate players. For a browser game, Legend Warrior has really nice graphics and background music.

By Rachel Rosen

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