League of Angels launches open beta

By Michael Jamias
league of angels open beta

The angel mmorpg from R2Games has finally landed on Earth and opened the heavenly gates to its open beta.

Will League of Angels become your crack no download mmorpg for 2014? Watch this League of Angels launch trailer to get a feel for this strategy battle game:

The launch trailer is narrated by one of these benevolent angels that originally protected the world. But then the angels fell into a mysterious deep sleep. Luckily, heroes known as the Brave rose up to the challenge of fighting against the dark threat.

You play as one of these Brave who have managed to unlock the secret to the angels' slumber and have now begun to woke them up one by one, and even use the angels' power to push back the encroaching menace.

In terms of gameplay, the central appeal of League of Angels will be the ability to collect pretty little angels to serve as guardian allies for your hero. Each angel offers unique powers that either actively assist you in battle or passively boost your stats.

As we previously reported, the League of Angels launch day is jam-packed with 20 in-game events. Players can participate to win free in-game items and League of Angels merchandise.

Click the Play Now button to flly over to the official League of Angels website where you can sign up to play the game.


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