League of Angels has officially launched

By Michael Jamias
league of angels launches

League of Angels is now live after a month of beta testing which began in January.

Fans can sign up on the official League of Angels website to start collecting and training angels in the free to play mmo, which has been expanding its angel line-up and features since beta.

The League of Angels launch version will offer players the chance to control Amora and Nyssa, and wade into the arenas of love and war, with the Marriage system and new ranking tables, respectively.

R2Games said League of Angels now sports a much faster and more stable game experience than the beta version, given improvements made based on feedback from 200,000 beta testers.

But take this assurance with a grain of salt since we have also been hearing reports of time zone issues like Oceanic players having trouble accessing cross-server Wars.

If your main concern though is that there might be heavy lag in the browser mmo, R2Games is currently operating 78 servers to handle the new player rush. So if you've been eyeing this game for awhile now, there's really no reason not to check it out, especially with all the server events running in celebration of the launch.


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