League of Angels launches January 10

By Michael Jamias
league of angels launch date

Fly into the fallen world of League of Angels starting January 10.

R2Games said it plans to officially launch the turn-based strategy MMORPG early next month. Special events will welcome new players and offer rewards for continuous login and play.

You probably know this already, but in case you were wondering, League of Angels is in no way associated with League of Legends. The two games have vastly different gameplay mechanics and goals.

League of Angels is a browser mmo, for starters, and you get to play as a hero that seeks to re-awaken the slumbering ancient angels -- powerful divine beings that can help defeat the dark menace slowly destroying the world. After reviving the angels from their deep sleep, players can train these angels to fight for them or provide them with powerful buffs.

All angels we have seen to date have been portrayed as silky-haired, flawlessly skinned women -- a strategy obviously meant to attract drooling fanboys. Thankfully though the angel depictions have not reached Evony levels of seductiveness because we actually think the relatively simple combat mechanics will be enjoyed by kids as well as adults.

This League of Angels launch date reveal comes just three weeks after the game entered closed beta on December 5, suggesting that testing has gone smoothly. (Given that most other mmorpg games take months to progress from closed beta to launch.)


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