League of Angels soars into closed beta

By Michael Jamias
league of angels closed beta launch

GTArcade has finally opened the heavenly gates to the League of Angels closed beta.

If you want to check out this new fantasy browser mmo and participate in party-based holy wars, then head over to the MMO-Play giveaways page to secure one of the limited closed beta keys before they run out.

GTArcade said that these beta keys will also unlock 500,000 Gold and 100 Herosoul, which can be traded in to unlock extra heroes in the mmorpg.

Those lucky enough to enter the League of Angels closed beta will be treated to several rewards and boost events. The Harder, Better event, for example, grants free VIP access to players for reaching certain level milestones. Other events will require you to slay NPCs, collect randomly falling diamonds from the sky, collect more angels and help improve the game by writing guides and hunting for bugs.

Whether you're inclined towards PvE or PvP content, there's a lot to do in the League of Angels closed beta. PvE fans can take on the single player dungeons as well as more difficult rogue-like dungeons for rarer prizes. PvP battlers meanwhile can sink their teeth into the arena battles and aim to top the weekly tournaments.

Teams can also take a break from their usual dungeon crawling or gladiator fights by trying out the handful of mini games. These are not only fun, but also rewarding and give nice items that slowly but surely buff up your party strength.


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