Countdown begins for League of Angels beta launch

By Michael Jamias
league of angels beta launch countdown

League of Angels -- the browser mmo where you send vivacious angels into battle -- is just a day away from beta release.

R2Games has transformed the official League of Angels website into a beta countdown portal. Players can sign up and wait for 10:00AM EST to start playing.

League of Angels is a turn-based strategy mmorpg where you play a hero that calls on angels to help you win in battle. It basically plays like a monster summoning tactical rpg, but instead of beasts your train a divine army of winged battle maidens and priestesses.

Players can collect and train angels, and use the best one for a given solo or team fight. Angels serve as formidable allies that attack, boost your hero stats, and provide other combat benefits.

There are a total of 17 server events planned for beta launch day, which is a lot even for mmo standards. Each event will reward prizes and gift packs for participation, but can only be completed for a limited time after launch day.

Of course, developers couldn't resist throwing in another skimpily dressed angel artwork. Not that hot-blooded men are complaining, but we imagine the racy drawings aren't winning points among conservative parents and women.


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