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league of angels server
There's nothing better for mmo fans than a busy server. Even if you're the kind of person that likes to roam your virtual worlds alone from time to time, it's always nice to know that the characters around you and the people you're interacting with are real, actual, flesh and bone people, not just AI-bound NPCs. With that said, it's tough to optimize crowd density in mmo games. You need to pick how many servers or "realms" your players are sprea...
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Dec 14 2015
league of angels sequel
League of Angels has a sequel lined up called League of Angels Fire Raiders, and while it is still an MMORPG it now focuses on card battles and will launch on mobile devices. League of Angels Fire Raiders is a strategy card game where you get to collect heroes and angels to fight for you. You can train these heroes and angels, enhance their weapons, and then test their mettle against a battery of game modes which include arena battles and team d...
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Feb 09 2015
League of Boobs
Check out the comic that reveals the true story behind League of Angels: ...
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Sep 24 2014
league of angels raphael
Don't let his name fool you. Raphael, the newest angel in League of Angels, has a name that translates to healing god but his peaceful nature turns wrathful when he protects those dear to his cause. The League of Angels Raphael concept art below shows his powerful flame sword that vanquishes wrongdoers and gives him immense strength.League of Angels players who call on Raphael's aid can choose whether to turn him into a life-saving guardian o...
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Sep 11 2014


burning man
A poi artist, known as Pyrona, was invited to set fire to the Burning Man. Some official sources said a man offered her LSD right before the show. When she got high, the man kissed her and later disappeared in the desert. Filled with white dust, tired, thirsty and nauseous, she started looking for him everywhere. When she finally decided to return and perform her show, she caught sight of her lover making out with another woman. Pyrona then went...
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Sep 02 2014
League of Angels introduces the Amazon Hunter hero
It's always nice to add a fresh new hero to your roster to change the dynamics of the game in League of Angels. Players of the browser mmo who are looking for some additional firepower need look no further as GTArcade announces the new League of Angels Amazon Hunter hero. Players can gain this daunting new hero by playing the House of Cards for their chance to win this new hero and have them join your party.The League of Angels Amazon Hunter ...
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Aug 25 2014
league of angels summer video contest
It's about to get a whole lot hotter in League of Angels -- and not just because of the sweltering summer sun. The mmorpg has launched a month-long contest where player auteurs can try to outdo one another by submitting League of Angels summer videos.Keep in mind the few ground rules if you hope to win prizes. Each video entry must be two minutes long but can be less, original, in English, and has a League of Angels theme celebrating summer. ...
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Aug 18 2014
August Cosplay Competition underway in League of Angels
Go to any gaming or geek culture convention, and you're sure to see a ton of people in cosplay dressed as their favorite online characters. Now League of Angels players can put their cosplay skills to good use and perhaps earn some money doing so. GTArcade is currently running the League of Angels August Cosplay Competition that is open for all the players of the browser mmo.The top prize for the League of Angels Cosplay Competition for Augus...
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Aug 13 2014
league of angels 3rd pvp tournament
Fight or flight? Well you could do both in the League of Angels cross-server PvP events. Emerge victorious and you may be able to recruit two of the most powerful angels to grace the MMO. The first PvP events is the League of Angels 3rd cross-server team tournament which will see the best PvP warriors slaying each other for the chance to win rare prizes, including the angel Alecta whose powerful Holy Rage spell rains down divine destruction...
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Jul 23 2014
League of Angels Angel World Cup
World Cup fever is gripping the entire planet as teams and fans flock to Brazil. The League of Angels browser mmo is also getting into the soccer action with a tournament of their own that has a grand prize of $16,000! The League of Angels Angel World Cup will begin soon on a server created especially for the tournament. The top players will play through the Angel World Cup tournament that consists of knockout matches, quarter-finals, and th...
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Jun 09 2014