Learn About The Three Angel Kingdoms In League of Angels 2

By Michael Jamias
league of angels 2 three angel kingdoms

The angels might have won the great war, but the aftermath of the conflict in the original League of Angels will fracture their kind into three kingdoms in the upcoming League of Angels 2.

Due to conflicting ideologies, the angels in the browser mmo have dispersed into three kingdoms, each with its own leader, goals and banners.

League of Angels 2

The Midas Kingdom was founded by the angel Athena in order to rebuild the destroyed land. She realized that she would need all the help she could find to restore the world's old glory so she opened the gates of her kingdom to all races. Each race was an equal to the others and this atmosphere of cooperation helped the Midas kingdom grow into the largest and most prosperous among the three angel kingdoms.

The Tempest Kingdom, meanwhile, was founded by Apocalypta. She blamed the human race for the losses of the recent war, which led her to establish a kingdom in the north. There she espoused the superiority of the Angels over all other races and promoted fighting as an essential means for peace.

Last but not the least of the League of Angels 2 Angel kingdoms is the Celestial kingdom, which was founded by Fortuna. The Celestial kingdom champions the concept of mutual benevolence and assisting the weak, which drew in a mix of refugees and benevolent mmo heroes.


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