League of Angels 2 Lifts Off In North America

By Michael Jamias
league of angels 2 north america launch

The League of Angels sequel, League of Angels 2, soars into live servers in North America with welcome activities and a new server.

Players will be greeted inside the mmo game with launch day events and a barrage of rewards. A new server has also been brought online to help decongest the populations and provide a smoother play experience.

The League of Angels 2 North American launch comes after a closed beta period which saw a second server added due to the influx of players.

It was revealed that League of Angels 2 was developed in the span of two years, and after the North America release more regional launches "will follow shortly," according to GTArcade.

League of Angels 2 turns up the visual and gameplay compared to the original browser mmo, with an advanced 3D game engine and more advanced systems, respectively.

But veterans giving this sequel a go will witness big changes in combat and rpg character management. Combat has been deepened to include strategy and active skills that require precise timing for maximum effectiveness. Meanwhile, heroes can be powered up faster through improved character and equipment progression systems.

Developers also built an expansive League of Angels roster from the get-go with more than 60 unique Heroes and Angels to choose from as well as an array of customization options.


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