League of Angels 2 Soars into Europe

By Jeff Francis
League of Angels 2 launches in Europe

After having a successful launch in North America last month, the League of Angels 2 browser mmo can now add another continent to its resume. The official League of Angels 2 launch for Europe is today, bringing the game to players on four different continents altogether. While the developers have been working feverishly to add new content to the game, they've always made it a priority to expand the game to new regions of the world.

As for the League of Angels 2 launch today for Europe, GTArcade issued the following statement, "Europe is an essential market for us and has always been a top priority for GTArcade. Since the game’s initial launch, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests for European servers, and today we’re extremely happy to announce that European servers will go online May 19th! For all our fans in Europe, the wait is over!"

As for the League of Angels launch in Europe, the first server is designated as S100 right now, but the no download mmorpg is allowing players to come up with a better name. The game plans on giving the "best rookie" player on the server the right to choose the server's official name. Right now, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish language packs are nearing completion and will be available at the end of the month. As for new content, the new Aptitude System, Animate System, and Anima's Path dungeon were added this week.

Are you a European player who is happy with the League of Angels 2 launch for your region? Let us know in the comments below.


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