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  • Knights of the Sky: side

    Knights of the Sky: side
    Knights of the Sky has 2 sides that are warring for control. Which will you choose?...
    Knights of the Sky: side

    Knights of the Sky: quest

    Knights of the Sky: quest
    Quests give your empire rewards and teach many of the basic game mechanics....
    Knights of the Sky: quest

    Knights of the Sky: hero

    Knights of the Sky: hero
    Remember to recruit, equip, and level heroes to lead your armies....
    Knights of the Sky: hero

    Knights of the Sky: fight

    Knights of the Sky: fight
    The combat is turn based and can be either automated or controlled by the player....
    Knights of the Sky: fight

Knights of the Sky is a uniquely themed MMORPG available as a browser-based free to play title on the Atlus Games portal. A once peaceful world is now at war as scientists discovered the recipes for rare alchemical compounds, giving regular people the opportunity to challenge the greedy nobles that had ruled over the world for so long. Now torn apart by conflict and turmoil, the world has been split into two nations, The Empire and The Federation, but which will earn your services as a hero in Knights of the Sky.

Unlike other MMORTS/MMORPG hybrids, Knights of the Sky doesn't just dump you in the middle of hundreds of opposing players, instead every player is given their own flying castle, a unique piece of land where a base can be constructed and units be trained. Similar to other RTS games, Knights of the Sky allows players to construct various buildings to collect resources which are used to construct new buildings, train troops and research new technologies.

After constructing a barracks within their castle city, players are able to recruit a vast variety of different troops. Each unit type has stats and abilities specifically designed to counter enemy unit types, creating a tactical army management system that appeals to all types of RTS players. A deadly army is no use without a leader and Knights of the Sky provides players with a familiar hero system to fulfill that role. Heroes are powerful single units that can be recruited from the tavern within your city. They act as generals to your army, leading them into battle. Each hero levels up as they complete more quests and defeat enemies, with each new level increasing their stats and adding new equipment options.

The unique airship type theme in Knights of the Sky makes it one of the most appealing MMORTS titles available. It's free to play, works in any internet browser and is home to a huge variety of exciting features, making Knights of the Sky one of the most innovative MMORTS games on the market.

By Rachel Rosen

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