KingsRoad takes the fight to Adamar in new beta update

By Michael Jamias
kingsroad fight adamar update

KingsRoad beta players can explore two new maps which lead to an epic fight against one of the three hardest bosses – Adamar, Dark Lord of the Shroud.

Adamar is part of the triumvirate of so-called “uber bosses” along with the Siege Beast and Malvoth, and promises to give a difficult fight with commensurate high rewards should groups manage to defeat the sinister Dark Lord.

According to the update release notes, the “Fight Adamar” update also adds a cook in the town hub, an NPC which will be able to combine ingredient drops into food buff items. Missions associated with cooking have been introduced as well.

Also, the browser mmo receives powerful Boost items in its cash shop. Each Boost can provide specific benefits and buffs such as a higher chance to crit, double gold drops, and automatic item identification, among others.

All non-weapon items have become class-agnostic in this new update. This means helmets, gloves, chest plates that were previously restricted to certain classes can be used by everyone in the free mmorpg regardless of class. In addition, non-weapon items will also adapt its look based on the class equipping them. The change effectively expands the appearance customization options in KingsRoad.


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