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  • Kingsage: interface

    Kingsage: interface
    Here is a brief look at the basic interface of Kingsage. You can see a view of your city, your income, and the different tabs that...
    Kingsage: interface

    Kingsage: building

    Kingsage: building
    The building queue will be your most used tab early on in the game. Here you can queue up to 3 buildings or upgrades at a time. If...
    Kingsage: building

    Kingsage: plans

    Kingsage: plans
    Building Plans can be purchased to speed up your production....
    Kingsage: plans

    Kingsage: bonuses

    Kingsage: bonuses
    If you click on your buildings, you see what bonuses they give and how much of an advantage upgrading will give you....
    Kingsage: bonuses

KingsAge is a medieval themed MMORTS title that boasts an interesting array of unique, high-quality features. Kingsage is available to play without the need to pay for a subscription. Players can join the battle for survival straight from their browser, as it is a free no download mmorpg.

One of the features that separates KingsAge from every other MMO RTS games on the market is the highly innovative castle branch system. A feature never before seen in online strategy games, it allows players to make several highly important choices when advancing their city. When upgrading buildings players have the choice of branching out into multiple areas of that specific building, granting unique options and buffs for each selection. This provides a level of depth that you won't find in many other RTS titles, providing players with detailed choices every step of the way. It also helps to create a far more diverse community, with certain players focusing on military might while others attempt to excel through trade and diplomacy.

In a world filled with dictating generals and ever-expanding cities, players must unite together for any chance of survival. KingsAge provides players with a highly in-depth alliance system that compliments many areas of the game. An alliance consists of a large group of players that share a similar goal, whether that goal is global domination through force or simply spreading influence via diplomatic channels, both tasks are easier with friends at your side. As a member of an alliance you're able to support your comrades by sending troops and resources, or you can aid them in battle by helping siege enemy towns. There's a huge number of alliances in-game, all with different goals and ideals, creating a diverse political structure that is totally governed by the players themselves.

Kingsage doesn't break the bank in terms of graphics but the unique features combined with the easily approachable social aspects make it a strategy game well worth playing for fans of the RTS genre.

By Rachel Rosen

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