Kings and Legends lets loose Virgo card for Dark Descent update

By Michael Jamias
kings and legends virgo dark descent update

The powerful Virgo card descends on Kings and Legends to decimate enemies with her Drain Life and Zodiac abilities.

Virgo arrives as part of the wave of new cards included in the Kings and Legends Dark Descent update.

Virgo takes the form of either a 5-star legendary or 6-star godlike card with robust attack and health stats, as well as a debuff aura that weakens enemy offense. She also uses a Drain Life ability to steal health from targets, which in tandem with her special Zodiac ability that reduces random target's life by 3, allows her to kill foes swiftly.

The special Zodiac ability will only be active during August and September, in keeping with the horoscope dates for the astrological Virgo sign.

With her abilities, Kings and Legends developers said Virgo is designed to be "incredibly effective" against both armored and magical units and should shake up the strategies for top PvP play.

Virgo's arrival to the card battle mmo game is the follow-up salvo to the wealth of new cards that have rolled out with the Dark Descent update.

As early as July, players have already been infusing their decks with the new Werewolves and Dark Riders that came with the newly expanded Halfblood and Undead factions, respectively. The new update also opened up the King's Mausoleum dungeon, the most challenging one to-date for the card battle browser mmo.


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