Kings and Legends braves The Reckoning

By Michael Jamias
kings and legends the reckoning

Buckle up for newly released The Reckoning update, which introduces two new card races of Dragons and Angels in Kings and Legends.

Dragon cards and Angel cards expand the strategy options for battlers by offering unique powers and combat strengths.

Dragon cards have low cooldowns, good attack ratings and offensive draconic abilities. Meanwhile, Angel cards provide strong defensive and utility benefits, including healing and beneficial area of effect spells.

Just how can you get your hands on Dragon and Angel cards? Players will earn cards from both new races through mmo server events to be held in the coming months. The Reckoning update also rolls out fresh content for the no download mmorpg, which when conquered will unlock powerful Dragon and Angel cards.

Dragon card lovers will want to take on Challenge Veraaksia where you will battle the Queen of Dragons and earn points to redeem new Dragon cards. The trick to defeating Veraaksia is to quickly dispatch her dragon brood before you become overwhelmed by their combined numbers and power.

Angel card collectors, on the other hand, should head to Divinity's Tower and challenge the 50 levels of increasingly tougher forces of the heavens.

Last but not the least, The Reckoning update has introduced the City Defense mode where players fight each other in assault-siege-and-defend conflicts.


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