Kings and Legends unleashes a Primal Invasion

By Michael Jamias
kings and legends primal invasion

Savage new cards are lunging your way in Kings and Legends' Primal Invasion update.

The freshly released content patch lets you summon new ogres, goblins and mythical beasts to ravage your card battle opponents. Or you could make a deck around the new magical Squirrel race and defeat your foes with cuteness overload.

The new Primal Invasion cards, which can be obtained through four new booster packs, should open up deadly new tactics, so you'll need to tinker with them to devise effective counter plays.

This latest update to the card battle mmo even ushers in a totally new type of card -- the Battlefield skill card that basically works like a global buff or debuff. Each Battlefield skill card can affect the entire battlefield and all creature cards, making them extra powerful in swinging the game state in your favor, if played right.

Mastering all these new cards is a must if you hope to place well in the post-season tournament for the no download mmorpg. Only the top 32 on each server in the 1v1 or 2v2 PvP seasons will advance to this post-season tournament and have a crack at snapping up game-breaking Godlike cards, so better start honing your deck into a top-tier contender.


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