Kings and Legends Opens New Dante Server

By Josh Wirtanen
Kings and Legends Opens New Server

It seems the Kings and Legends, the browser-based trading card MMORPG by Fire Elemental, is experiencing a bit of a growth spurt. It's growing fast enough to require the addition of a new server, at least.

Recently, the game has opened the doors of its sixth server, called Dante. But rather than simply firing up the server and calling it a day, Fire Elemental feels that this is something worth celebrating. As such, a special event has begun on Dante, allowing the ten top-ranked players in 1v1 and 2v2 to bring home 800 gold each, in addition to the prizes they'd already be winning.

And that's not the only thing being celebrated in the world of Kings and Legends. With Father's Day having just occurred, the game is showing some love to digital card-collecting fathers everywhere by adding a new limited edition card for players to earn in special quest events. Maintaining the motif established by the new server, the card is named Dante Quicksong.

Here's a description of the card, straight from the official press release: "This card will have the unique ability to reduce the highest card countdown in a player’s hand by two each turn and add +1 life of all of your creatures.  This new card will now make it possible to bring out the high-countdown big guns earlier like never before and can be earned by completing special event quests from July 16th – 20th only at!"

So if you want to get your hands on this special card, you'd better do so before your time runs out.

Kings and Legends Opens New Dante Server


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