Kings and Legends crowned with Ascension update

By Michael Jamias
kings and legends ascension update

The Ascension update for Kings and Legends adds a legion of improvements, booster packs, mounts and even a more satisfying reward system.

While there has been no date set for its activation, the Ascension update has been confirmed to have PvE and PvP content. An all-new PvE mode called the Ascension Tower introduces a week-long trial challenge in the tactical trading card MMORPG. Players will have seven days to advance to the highest level of the Ascension Tower and will be rewarded based on their individual progress.

The Ascension update also promises more tournaments that will commence starting this April geared towards both Kings and Legends guilds and soloists.

Both the Ascension Tower and tournament modes promise to be worth the effort through an improved rewards system, according to developers.

Human and Elf card users will also be thrilled at the new cards coming to both popular races. These cards will have new abilities, which should expand deck building options in the free mmorpg no download game. The cards will be previewed progressively through the Kings and Legends Facebook page and forums leading up to their live launch, and many can be obtained through new booster packs. In addition to the new Human and Elf cards, players should also look forward to collecting a new set of character mounts.


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