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kings and legends the reckoning
Buckle up for newly released The Reckoning update, which introduces two new card races of Dragons and Angels in Kings and Legends. Dragon cards and Angel cards expand the strategy options for battlers by offering unique powers and combat strengths. Dragon cards have low cooldowns, good attack ratings and offensive draconic abilities. Meanwhile, Angel cards provide strong defensive and utility benefits, including healing and beneficial area of e...
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Jan 25 2014
kings and legends primal invasion
Savage new cards are lunging your way in Kings and Legends' Primal Invasion update. The freshly released content patch lets you summon new ogres, goblins and mythical beasts to ravage your card battle opponents. Or you could make a deck around the new magical Squirrel race and defeat your foes with cuteness overload. The new Primal Invasion cards, which can be obtained through four new booster packs, should open up deadly new tactics, so you'll...
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Oct 16 2013
kings and legends virgo dark descent update
The powerful Virgo card descends on Kings and Legends to decimate enemies with her Drain Life and Zodiac abilities. Virgo arrives as part of the wave of new cards included in the Kings and Legends Dark Descent update. Virgo takes the form of either a 5-star legendary or 6-star godlike card with robust attack and health stats, as well as a debuff aura that weakens enemy offense. She also uses a Drain Life ability to steal health from targets, wh...
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Jul 31 2013
Kings and Legends Opens New Server
It seems the Kings and Legends, the browser-based trading card MMORPG by Fire Elemental, is experiencing a bit of a growth spurt. It's growing fast enough to require the addition of a new server, at least. Recently, the game has opened the doors of its sixth server, called Dante. But rather than simply firing up the server and calling it a day, Fire Elemental feels that this is something worth celebrating. As such, a special event has begun on D...
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Jun 18 2013
kings and legends ascension update
The Ascension update for Kings and Legends adds a legion of improvements, booster packs, mounts and even a more satisfying reward system. While there has been no date set for its activation, the Ascension update has been confirmed to have PvE and PvP content. An all-new PvE mode called the Ascension Tower introduces a week-long trial challenge in the tactical trading card MMORPG. Players will have seven days to advance to the highest level of th...
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Mar 19 2013