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  • Kings and Legends: stats

    Kings and Legends: stats
    The stats on cards are similar to Magic: The Gathering. Each card has a power and toughness. The number in the top-left is how man...
    Kings and Legends: stats

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    Kings and Legends: lanes
    Games consist of multiple lanes. Use these to avoid, attack or block enemy cards....
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    Kings and Legends: interface

    Kings and Legends: interface
    There are other options in game. You can customize your deck, work on quests, or even level up and equip your hero....
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    Kings and Legends: packs

    Kings and Legends: packs
    As you earn in game currency, you can purchase more packs to add more cards to your collection....
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Kings and Legends Gameplay

Kings and Legends Gameplay

Kings and Legends is a free browser MMO developed by Fire Elemental and published by Just A Game. Kings and Legends combines trading card game elements with strategy features. There is PvP and PvE content. Missions can be played solo or co-op. Kings and Legends has a turn based combat system. Each battle map has 4 maximum lanes and 12 squares. Opposing teams are placed on opposite sides. The goal is to take down all enemy units. Players build their card decks and take on Kings and Legends challenges. There are lots of cards to customize Kings and Legends decks. Some cards give abilities but there are also creature cards. Even though Kings and Legends is a card game, the battles are fast paced and exciting.

There are 7 Kings and Legends races and 4 classes. The 4 Kings and Legends classes are: priest, mage, warrior and ranger. Each class has specialized spells and unique abilities. Cards are diverse too. Each Kings and Legends card can have 6 ranks. There are hundreds of cards to choose from. Ultra rare cards are acquired by taking part in Kings and Legends MMO tournaments and contests. There are missions that tell the Kings and Legends story. Heroes have their own town in Kings and Legends world. There are 3 resources to collect: silver, gold and crystal. A town has 10 types of buildings. Each new construction or upgrade requires resources. Alchemy and blacksmithing are 2 Kings and Legends professions that allow players to build powerful characters and cards. Players can fight alone or team up with their Kings and Legends buddies. The boss fights are difficult encounters. Elyria, Kings and Legends world, has 10 zones. Each zone has different hostile creatures. Kings and Legends cards can be traded via auction house. Trading points is the type of currency used at the Kings and Legends auction house.

Players confident in their skills are invited to join the Kings and Legends free to play MMO arena. The PvP system supports 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 and 4 vs. 4 duels. There are plenty rewards to make it worth. Those who enjoy playing together should start a Kings and Legends guild or join an existing one. There are some Kings and Legends features that only guildies can access. A Kings and Legends gaming session can last from 5 minutes to 5 hours. Players can also choose if they want to keep it casual or go hardcore. Kings and Legends fits every play style. Kings and Legends is one of the browser games that lets players build their own unique game experience.

By Rachel Rosen




Kings and Legends is a turn-based card battle browser mmo. Players can summon creatures to fight for them, and these creatures appear on screen as 2D sprites patterned after familiar fantasy models such as human knights, elven archers and cloaked vampires.

Models for each particular creature are very repetitive (the only thing distinguishing a one-star guard from a powerful four-star guard is a difference in armor shade) but at least there is a satisfying variety of creatures and races to look at in the course of one battle.

Kings and legends goblin boss battle

Players are represented in combat through their avatar heroes. There are four available classes – Warrior, Range, Mage and Priest – with each class showing off a distinctive look. Wearing higher levels of armor changes the look of the hero, although it takes a lot of time to acquire new gear. Unlike most mmo games, you will have to work hard or be extremely lucky to acquire upgraded armor and weapons.


Upon entering the city center in Kings and Legends, players are greeted with a lively and uplifting music track. Head out to the map and the tempo changes depending on the area you are exploring.

kings and legends map elven heartwood

The Elven Heartwood, for example, has an enigmatic tune that goes with the shrouded forest realm, then heading over to Snowy Hillside activates a wistful tune that befits the glacial expanse. Combat music is very frantic and works quite well in filling in the attention gap while players wait for the dozens of creatures from finishing their automated actions.

PvE Gameplay

In Kings and Legends, players will need to focus on accumulating more powerful creature cards. Newbies can easily do this by heading out to the world map and conquering the first several regions. Each region is divided into stages, and winning each stage rewards the player with a new card. Players also get to earn valuable Silver currency by winning map battles, which they can then redeem for packs. Each pack has a handful of cards that will boost a player’s collection and overall deck power level.

kings and legends card pack open

kings and legends card packs

There are hundreds of cards to collect in Kings and Legends, and it will take months or even years of playing to come close to a 100% card collection. These cards are spread out across seven creature races. Each race has certain combat themes and mechanics, but players are very free to mix and match cards to create their deck.

kings and legends collectors guide

Human and Elf cards are two of the most popular and easiest to collect, while the others feel like minor races because of the scarcity of packs and missions that reward them. This makes it harder to progress in their respective reputations, and also affects the diversity of decks you can build at the initial stages.

Combat in Kings and Legends takes place in grid lanes separating a player from his enemy summoner. The player and the enemy summoner will then take turns calling creatures into the battlefield to deal damage to each other. It is important for players to keep on summoning creatures to prevent the enemy forces from dealing direct damage to his hero avatar, whose HP once reduced to zero will result in defeat.

In other mmorpg games, players are penalized for losing or dying in battle. Kings and Legends bucks this trend and instead opts to provide lower rewards for defeat.

There are several other PvE modes aside from the world map battles. Players can sign up for a gauntlet of solo challenges at the Ascension Tower or team up with up to three other players and try out the multi-stage dungeons in the Challenge Hall. These dungeons have three difficulty levels – Easy, Normal and Hard. Players will be foolish to take these dungeons lightly.

kings and legends ascension tower

Groups must be aware of the general power level of their comrades, and work together to prevent each other from dying because a dead player will no longer be able to cast creatures and all his existing creatures on the battlefield will leave the battle, almost guaranteeing defeat for the rest of the group.

kings and legends party screen

Given how important coordination is in co-op play, it would have been nice to see the creature cards in your ally’s deck for better coordination. In most other card battle browser games such a feature is available, so it is curious to know why it has not been implemented for Kings and Legends.

Players in PvE can speed up their fights by the occasional use of Automatic mode, which leaves it up to the computer system to play for you. Automatic mode is a time saver for matches you know you can win with your eyes closed, such as previously cleared missions, but newer missions requires extreme micromanagement.

kings and legends town

Players who get tired of battling can also spend quite a bit of time in town, scanning the Auction House for card and equipment deals, or creating new and more powerful cards and equipment through the Alchemy Shop and Blacksmith.

Kings and Legends does its best to incentivize players to play every day through daily login rewards, an offline leveling system with a 12-hour cap, and daily refreshes on quests. Players who want to progress faster should consider playing an hour or two each day, and fully maximizing the Expedition offline leveling feature rather than doing a marathon session during the weekend.

PvP Gameplay

Kings and Legends also has PvP modes where players fight 1v1, 2v2, or 4v4.

kings and legends pvp 1v1 battle

Matchmaking speed takes around half a minute to a few minutes, which is conveniently quick. But the matchmaking quality needs quite an improvement. Some PvP matches end up being so lopsided that the disadvantaged team should simply surrender instead of wasting time getting decimated with their opponents’ superior cards, higher life points, and better gear stats. It could also be that the matchmaking quality was sacrificed in order to let players finish more matches in a shorter period, instead of waiting around forever for a match they will only eventually lose anyway.

Kings and Legends makes an effort to keep the playing field level between the completely free players and cash shop patrons who have spent real cash on packs and VIP perks. Almost all packs can be bought without having to shell real cash, and free players can grow to be competitively powerful by playing the MMO every day. But there is no arguing that with enough cash invested, a player can skip the grind and roll over other players with cards like the virtually unstoppable King Vel’Assar, a Godlike-rated six-star behemoth.

Unique Fun Factor

Kings and Legends has solidly designed card battle mechanics that should interest fans of the genre. Its solo play modes will get beginners quickly invested into the game with a constant stream of new cards and rewards, but it is the exciting co-op and competitive PvP features that will make players stay for the long haul, despite their respective shortfalls.


-    Packs can be purchased without shelling out cash
-    PvP matching is relatively breezy
-    Attractive rewards to keep you logging in everyday


-    Takes time to build a unique deck
-    Sells unbeatably powerful pay-to-win cards through VIP system
-    Co-op play could use a few more support features to amplify teamwork


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