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  • Kingdoms of Camelot: build

    Kingdoms of Camelot: build
    Merlin will guide you through your first few decisions in Kingdoms of Camelot. He suggests building a Sawmill right away....
    Kingdoms of Camelot: build

    Kingdoms of Camelot: quest

    Kingdoms of Camelot: quest
    Quests are completed throughout the game. Finish these to earn money, resources, experience and just perfect the mechanics in Came...
    Kingdoms of Camelot: quest

    Kingdoms of Camelot: boxes

    Kingdoms of Camelot: boxes
    Merlin's Magical Boxes is an in game mini-game that lets you earn daily prizes. Select a box to get what is inside....
    Kingdoms of Camelot: boxes

    Kingdoms of Camelot: shop

    Kingdoms of Camelot: shop
    Head to the shop if you need a few extra supplies while playing....
    Kingdoms of Camelot: shop

Kingdoms of Camelot is a strategy browser mmo, available in multiple languages, developed and published by Kabam. As the name suggests, the game world is the mythical land of Camelot. Players will become Knights of the Round Table under Merlin’s guidance. There are three kingdoms fighting for Camelot: Britons, Druids and Fey. Players will strive to prove their worthiness to King Arthur himself. To stand better chances against common enemies, player group up into alliances. No ruler can establish his or hers dominance without an army. Kingdoms of Camelot has several types of medieval units. City building and resource management are also important aspects. Kingdoms of Camelot gameplay has 3 main features: city expansion, a powerful army and alliances.

At the start of the game, Kingdoms of Camelot players will be asked to choose if they want to play as a Lord or a Lady. A few character portraits are available. To make sure that new players stand a chance against veterans, Kingdoms of Camelot protection system doesn’t allow attacks on new players for a brief period of time. The first thing to do is start building your first city. There are different types of buildings and each one has a specific function. The maximum number of villagers is given by Cottage level. The Tavern boosts morale and keeps subjects happy. The Knight’s Hall is the place where rulers hire and manage their knights. The Embassy is for player interaction purposes. The Market is a trading center. Alchemy Lab is a research facility. The Barracks is the place where troops are trained. The Apothecary heals wounded soldiers. The Watch Tower is for keeping an eye on possible invaders. The Blacksmith crafts gear for your units. Siege weapons are built in the Workshop. The Relief Station allows allied troops to move faster. The Cavalry need horses from the Stables. Military actions are performed at the Rally Point. Sawmills, quarries, mines and farms produce resources. All Kingdom of Camelot free to play mmo buildings need resources to level up.

XP and gold rewards come from completing Kingdoms of Camelot quests. As players level up, they gain titles. Inventory is the place where players store their items. Throne Room items are a special category of items that help players in battles. Just one city doesn’t make an empire. After your first city is prosperous, it’s time to build a new one. The best place for a new city is in an area surrounded by allies. All armies are led by knights. Resource control is a vital strategy. There are various locations on the world map that can be conquered to improve resource gain. The ultimate goal of Kingdoms of Camelot mmo is to fight other players.

By Rachel Rosen

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