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Kinderdragons is one of the free browser games developed and published by R2Games. It's a casual game that combines various relaxing gameplay elements with nice cartoony graphics. Players discover an enchanted world where they become dragon keepers. They will need to manage resources, to train their dragons for combat and to solve puzzles. Kinderdragons adventures take place in a magical world that is divided into a myriad of floating islands. Each player is given an island to reign over and to turn it into a home for dragons. Dragon breeding is the game's main feature. Kinderdragons players are able to obtain new dragons by combining old ones. Dragons take part in various game activities such as contents and battles.

The Beast Master is a cute NPC guide that helps new players. She will tell them all there is to know about dragon breeding. Kinderdragons plays a bit like a browser MMORTS game. Players will have to construct buildings with various functions. The hatchery is the place where eggs are transformed into new dragons. Nest buildings allow players to house different types of dragons. There are various kinds of dragons such as rock, fire, water, ice, dark, plant and so on. Each type lives in its own nest. A special building called sacred nest is where powerful legendary dragons live. Kinderdragons players obtain new dragons from the building called the incubator. Two dragons are mixed in the incubator to obtain a new breed. Just like any other creature, a dragon needs food. Farms provide food. Kinderdragons build menu features many types of buildings. Each one helps players improve their dragons. Buildings can be upgraded to provide more benefits. For example, an upgraded farm will produce more food. The build menu also contains an expand option that gives players various ways to increase their island's size.

Kinderdragons is a free game with premium currency that allows players to progress faster. Those who don't plan on spending real money will be happy to know that the game offers an alternative. Just like in MMO games, players are able to progress by helping each other. Kinderdragons is a social game so players are encouraged to become friends and to work together. They can send each other gifts and other useful items. Players also level up. The combat function is unlocked at level seven. Dragons are now able to take part in battles. Players should access the gear feature and equip their dragons with battle gear. Dragons also have attributes and stats. The game is not highly competitive but battles are fun and rewarding. Kinderdragons is playable on Facebook.

By Rachel Rosen

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