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  • Kharn Wars: nation

    Kharn Wars: nation
    Khan Wars has many different nations to choose from. Each has their own bonuses and slight differences....
    Kharn Wars: nation

    Kharn Wars: mine

    Kharn Wars: mine
    Buildings, like a gold mine, keep your nation stocked with supplies....
    Kharn Wars: mine

    Kharn Wars: quest

    Kharn Wars: quest
    Keep checking that quests tab for new quests. You don't want to miss out on the rewards....
    Kharn Wars: quest

    Kharn Wars: skills

    Kharn Wars: skills
    As you play Khan Wars, you will level up. Unlock new skills that will help specialize your nation....
    Kharn Wars: skills

Developed and published by XS Software, Khan Wars is a browser-based strategy MMORPG that takes place during medieval times. Players start off with a small kingdom and can choose from one of 11 nations, each with their own unique bonuses, strengths, and weaknesses. These differences make the game very dynamic.

Players can choose from many nations such as the Bulgarians, the Franks, the Britains, the Arabs, the Germans, the Goths, the Russians, the Lithuanians, the Byzantines, the Japanese, and the Mongolians. There are various bonuses associated with the many nations available. Bonuses include more gold production, faster training for specific units, increased capacity for specific buildings, increased damage against specific buildings, and many more.

In addition to these bonuses, each nation has a unique unit. For the Bulgarians, the special unit is the Tangra Priest who has to ability to heal some of the wounded units during the battle. The Siege Tower is the special unit available to the Russians. This unit boosts the siege skill and has the ability to destroy a building’s levels.

In your kingdom, you can build a variety of buildings. There are 15 buildings including that of a barracks, a gold mine, an iron mine, a farm, and a storage building. The effect that each of these buildings have on your economical and military power will increase as they are updated.

The unique battle system requires you to choose a battle formation and a careful balance of the different battle units. When selecting your units and formations, don’t forget to take into account your particular nation’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the opposing nation’s attributes.

Besides this battle system, Khan Wars can accommodate more than 15,000 players on each world. Khan Wars offers an easy to follow single-player experience to get the player started out. Eventually, after developing your kingdom, you can battle with other players and conquer their castle!

By Rachel Rosen

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