Kartuga and developer Ticking Bomb Games are closing down

By Michael Jamias
kartuga ticking bomb games closing down

A disappointing closed beta turnout helped sink the pirate MMO Kartuga and its maker.

Online games publisher InnoGames and shuttering development studio Ticking Bomb Games announced that the browser mmorts Kartuga will be discontinued due to a lackluster player response as well as the publisher's move to focus on cross-platform games.

“Kartuga had a lot of potential, the exciting setting and high-quality graphics stood out especially, but the closed beta and player feedback showed that it wouldn’t fit the companies’ goals for the future," said Hendrik Klindworth, CEO of InnoGames. "Now InnoGames can focus even more on cross-platform projects currently in development in-house.” 

Kartuga had been rolling out constant beta updates, including last month's unlocking of PvP, but it was apparently not enough to court enough fans to keep the game afloat. With Kartuga closing down, InnoGames said all Ticking Bomb Games employees will be offered a shortened application process at the Hamburg-based publisher, which has a stable of online games like Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires and Grepolis.

The Kartuga experience, while ending on a tragic note, has proven invaluable insight for InnoGames as it plans to announce two new titles "later this year."

“Thanks to the partnership with Ticking Bomb Games, we’ve learned a lot we can apply to future projects. It also strengthened our dedication towards cross-platform-titles, which are playable on a number of internet-based devices, as the future of InnoGames," said Klindworth.


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