Kartuga unlocks PvP with node-control Dominion mode

By Michael Jamias
kartuga pvp dominion mode

All-out territory skirmishing has broken out in Kartuga in the form of Dominion mode skirmishes.

In Dominion mode, Kartuga developers have created the first-ever venue for PvP in the pirate-themed MMORTS.

Learn more about the Domination mode straight from the developers' mouth in the preview vid below.

Pirates will be able to queue with up to three other players, or sign up for matchmaking to fill their four-man teams before heading out to the Dominion map.

The main victory goal in Dominion is to control the majority of five ghost ships. These ships serve as capture nodes and steadily earn the controlling team points. The team that first reaches 2,500 points wins the match.

Cutthroat pirate strategy is fair game in Dominion mode, and pirates are encouraged to capture all five nodes to ensure a quick rout of their foes.

Of course, capturing the nodes is easier said than done especially given the cannon towers that protect neutral and hostile nodes. Developers stress the utmost importance of teamwork -- especially given that there are only four of you -- in mastering this PvP mode.

Despite still being in closed beta, the Kartuga MMO has recently removed beta key restrictions, so everyone who signs up for testing should be able to check out this newly whipped up conflict for the high seas.


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