Kartuga sets sail for closed beta

By Michael Jamias
kartuga closed beta

The swashbuckling mmorts is braving the seas of closed beta, which will begin sometime in February.

Developer-publisher InnoGames said 50,000 players have already pre-registered for the Kartuga closed beta, and will have first dibs when the gates open next month.

“So far, already 50,000 players pre-registered for the game and we cannot wait to show it to them”, said InnoGames spokesman Dennis Heinert. “The game adds new perspectives to the pirate genre. The setting does not have anything to do with clichéd Caribbean parrots, but will lead the players to three distinct areas. This is all free to play and massively multiplayer in a persistent world.”

Heinert did not confirm though whether all three kingdoms -- Ithosia, Kartu and Empire of the Sun – will be accessible during the closed beta test.

Recent previews have painted Ithosia as a Mediterranean-like land dotted with “dreamy” fishing villages and sandy beaches that are unfortunately terrorized by pirate scum.

The kingdom of Kartu draws inspiration from the Mayans, cultivating a mystical civilization deep in the jungles. Think temples, volcanoes and lurking dangers.

Lastly, the Empiore of the Sun is an oriental-themed paradise of shimmering palaces. Beware the knives though that hide behind the glamour and gold.

Fans of pirate-themed mmorpg games looking to uncover the treasures of these three worlds should sign up for closed beta pre-registration, which is still ongoing, via the Kartuga homepage (http://www.kartuga.com).


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