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kartuga ticking bomb games closing down
A disappointing closed beta turnout helped sink the pirate MMO Kartuga and its maker. Online games publisher InnoGames and shuttering development studio Ticking Bomb Games announced that the browser mmorts Kartuga will be discontinued due to a lackluster player response as well as the publisher's move to focus on cross-platform games. “Kartuga had a lot of potential, the exciting setting and high-quality graphics stood out especially, but ...
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Jul 17 2013
kartuga pvp dominion mode
All-out territory skirmishing has broken out in Kartuga in the form of Dominion mode skirmishes. In Dominion mode, Kartuga developers have created the first-ever venue for PvP in the pirate-themed MMORTS. Learn more about the Domination mode straight from the developers' mouth in the preview vid below.Pirates will be able to queue with up to three other players, or sign up for matchmaking to fill their four-man teams before heading out to t...
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Jun 07 2013
kartuga closed beta
The swashbuckling mmorts is braving the seas of closed beta, which will begin sometime in February. Developer-publisher InnoGames said 50,000 players have already pre-registered for the Kartuga closed beta, and will have first dibs when the gates open next month. “So far, already 50,000 players pre-registered for the game and we cannot wait to show it to them”, said InnoGames spokesman Dennis Heinert. “The game adds new perspectives to the pira...
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Jan 24 2013