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Kanpani Girls is one of the browser games developed by DMM and published by SuperHippo. Players are in charge of a company of female only mercenaries. This job has several duties. Looking for new recruits is one of them. Making sure that each warrior receives proper training is also important. Acquiring money is part of players duties too. Kanpani Girls borrows a feature from city building games. Players must also manage facilities. The buildings produce all sorts of items that are used to empower fighters. Kanpani Girls content includes missions and battlefields. Players will select five of their best warriors to form a team ready to tackle challenges.

The character selection numbers eight classes. Clerics, Rogues, Warriors, Fighters, Ronins, Soldiers, Archers and Magicians are available. Each Kanpani Girls character is a unique hero with different stats values and abilities. Those who are familiar with MMORPG games will understand how the character system works in no time. A hero has different stats such as agility, defense, vitality, strength and so on. Stats value and importance varies depending on class. Heroes are also rated with stars that represent their potential. Kanpani Girls has different types of activities like battlefields, daily missions, main quests or resource quests. Heroes receive XP when taking part in activities. Players level up when characters level up. Stamina is fully recovered when players gain a new level. The maximum level is determined by the number of stars. Class up is a Kanpani Girls feature that allows heroes to obtain a better star rating and to increase their level cap. Bread is another in game name for stamina. This is a resource that is consumed when completing missions. The game has two types of currencies. Stones are premium currency that can be spent to decrease buildings upgrade time or to purchase resources. The other currency is gold and it can be obtained as mission reward.

A player's base contains several buildings or facilities. These facilities can be upgraded to level 20. Each upgrade level unlocks advantages. The maximum number of Kanpani Girls and player's level depend on headquarters level. The storage room increases resource production and gives players the chance to exchange stones for resources. New Kanpani Girls characters are recruited from the PR facility. A high level PR facility allows players to look for certain classes and also increases the chances of finding superior fighters. Items and gear are crafted at the smithy facility. The game can be found among many other free browser games on Nutaku gaming portal. Kanpani Girls has pleasant anime graphics.

By Rachel Rosen

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