Jagged Alliance Online update piles on the high-level missions

By Michael Jamias
jagged alliance update new missions

Seventeen hard-hitting missions have been added to Jagged Alliance Online to keep veterans thoroughly occupied.

Developer Gamigo dropped a few hints on what these new high-level missions will entail. “Whether you are freeing an archeologist from his imprisonment in an ancient temple in the jungles of Bovilia, stopping a covert arms deal in the Caribbean, or taking out a mob outfit in Chicago, your mercenaries will find enough work to earn their cash the hard way.”

The addition of the 17 missions brings the total number of missions in the MMO game close to a hundred, each offering unique rewards upon completion.

While old-timers spend the next few weeks clearing the new missions, new players of this turn-based tactical no download mmorpg can hone their basic skills through the “much improved” tutorial. Players had complained that the old tutorial did not equip newbies with enough information and training to start them on the road to mercenary success, which Gamigo has promptly addressed with this revamped tutorial.

The freshly released update also delivers spanking new headquarter updates, dozens of new weapons, armor and crafting recipes. Balancing Jagged Alliance also ranked high in the to-do list of Gamigo, and the update plugs in several tweaks that should make both PvE and PvP more exciting and dependent on sound tactical decision-making.


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