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  • Jagged Alliance Online: merc

    Jagged Alliance Online: merc
    Choose from a handful of starting mercenaries. As you level up, you may purchase new mercs. But this is it for now....
    Jagged Alliance Online: merc

    Jagged Alliance Online: city

    Jagged Alliance Online: city
    Here is the main page. From here you can visit the shop, hospital, etc....
    Jagged Alliance Online: city

    Jagged Alliance Online: items

    Jagged Alliance Online: items
    Buy new items, sets, or mercenaries from the shop....
    Jagged Alliance Online: items

    Jagged Alliance Online: missions

    Jagged Alliance Online: missions
    Missions are played in a browser. These missions are turn based shooters with an isometric view....
    Jagged Alliance Online: missions

Jagged Alliance gameplay

Jagged Alliance gameplay

Jagged Alliance Online is a 3D browser game based on the famous Jagged Alliance rts games. Jagged Alliance Online is developed by Cliffhanger Productions and published by Gamigo. Jagged Alliance Online has a turn based type of combat and other Jagged Alliance specific features. Each player will build a team of mercenaries. Teams need training and upgrading. Every controlled unit has certain weapons and gear. Friendly players can form alliances to help each other. For instance, they can borrow each other units. This is done with a mutual consensus.

Every player has a base in Jagged Alliance. Here they can plan their actions and take care of their army. The Merc Pool lists all the mercenaries that are currently employed by the player. Each of them has different specializations. Your base houses some buildings. The hospital is the place where wounded mercenary are treated. The Workshop is used for weapon repairs. Mercenary will train in the Drill Yard. There is an item store in your base. That’s the place where players buy weapons, ammo and gear. Mercenaries are hired from a different shop. There are over 60 mercenaries available. In order to function, a base will need fuel. The hospital and workshop consume fuel. It is regenerated over time. The other option is to buy it for gold. The base, however, is vulnerable to attacks from enemy players. Bases can be fortified to resist siege. There are missions for players to complete. Each completed mission awards reputation. Jagged Alliance Online players with high reputation get access to superior gear and better mercenaries. Cash is also gained from missions. In Jagged Alliance Online browser mmo, cash is needed to buy items. Mercenary salaries are also paid with cash. Gold is the other currency used in Jagged Alliance Online. Gold is much harder to come by. Best weapons and gear are bought with gold. Mercenaries will become a player’s permanent unit if they are paid in gold.

Combat in Jagged Alliance is based on Action Points. Every unit has a number of action points. Each time it performs an action it uses Action Points. Spending Action Points carefully and with strategy in mind is the backbone of successful combat in Jagged Alliance Online. Missions can be played in co-op mode with other players. Missions are selected from the world map. Each mission has several submissions. Jagged Alliance Online will feature more than 100 missions. There are PvP modes that have objectives too. PvP in Jagged Alliance Online it’s not just about killing other players. For a browser mmo, Jagged Alliance Online is quite complex. Fans of the Jagged Alliance series will be happy to see familiar places and characters in Jagged Alliance Online.  

By Rachel Rosen


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