Iron Grip Marauders now harder for veterans, but easier for newbies

By Michael Jamias
iron grip marauders september update

Iron Grip Marauders offers a smorgasbord of new stuff based on player skill level -- from a new challenge level for master tacticians to an enhanced tutorial that will help newbies thrive in the strategy browser mmo.

Level 24 now poses as the pinnacle of achievement Iron Grip Marauders. Even the most advanced players will find it a grueling task to reach the milestone, but the rewards for doing so include powerful new units for domination.

Hero training has also returned, according to developer ISOTX, “with more options than before – the perfect tool for any players who want their heroes to level up that bit quicker!” The browser mmo has also added new Perk stores in the Walker Boneyard and Atelia, which should offer more choices when shopping for perks.

Iron Grip Marauders is a fairly complex turn-based strategy MMO, so ISOTX revamped its tutorial to better assist new players in managing resources, making the right battle decisions, and loads of beginner tips that will set them up for more high-level competitive play.

“A revamped and enhanced tutorial will make the game even more friendly to new players, which goes in hand with the more generous rewards we’re now offering players if they introduce people to the game,” said ISOTX. “People can get 10 Gems if someone they invite reaches level 10 – an excellent earning possibility! And with those Gems, players can then take advantage of the new hero training, research purchase options, and wider perk store choice.”

Gems are valuable currency, usually only acquired by spending in the cash shop, and can be spent for both cosmetic items and utility perks. With these new Gem incentives, players now have a great incentive to help out their friends push forward and play longer in the MMORPG.


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