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  • Iron Grip Marauders: quest

    Iron Grip Marauders: quest
    Complete quests to get rewards like gold and experience....
    Iron Grip Marauders: quest

    Iron Grip Marauders: research

    Iron Grip Marauders: research
    Research to learn upgrades and increase productivity. This costs gold and takes time....
    Iron Grip Marauders: research

    Iron Grip Marauders: move

    Iron Grip Marauders: move
    While on missions, you will play this turn based strategy game. Use click to move for your units....
    Iron Grip Marauders: move

    Iron Grip Marauders: attack

    Iron Grip Marauders: attack
    Right click on enemies to attack them. You get a limited number of movement or attack points per turn....
    Iron Grip Marauders: attack

Conquer towns in full 3D glory in Iron Grip Marauders, a turn-based strategy browser mmo from ISOTX. Released as a free-to-play and no download mmorpg in 2008, Marauders is the latest addition to the Iron Grip video game series known for its massive tactical troop battles. But before you lead a battalion for a full-frontal assault, you will need to plan ahead. Strategic resource management is critical to success in Iron Grip Marauders, and you will need to focus on accumulating gold and iron– the two resources needed to train troops, expand your base and conduct research upgrades. Your pre-battle decisions should be carefully considered depending on the conflicts at hand, unless you plan to get wiped hard. As of now, human players work together against a common AI but developers have hinted that competitive play will be introduced in the future.

When you’ve finished allotting resources and fine-tuning your attack units, it’s time to go to war! Combat in Iron Grip Marauders takes place in humongous, action-packed battlefields. You need to pick a battle to enter, and decide you will be given a limited number of deployment points to send out troops. Once the troops are ready for deployment, you can start watching them roll out and try to capture bases and resources for you. It’s up to you which one of the two is more important to obtain at the moment. Bases serve as the nexus of training and production for your army, so controlling more bases will improve your military capacity. Meanwhile, resources are the fuel that keeps your bases going. No matter how large your military capacity, if you have no gold and iron to spend, then you will not be able to push out fresh troops and your bases will surely fall. There is a third currency in Iron Grip Marauders known as gems, which can only be acquired by spending real world cash. Gems can be spent for both cosmetic and utility purposes, from buying clothes for your avatar or participating in more battles above the normal cap.

Iron Grip Marauders uses the Unity game engine, a popular tool in making real-time MMO and 3D video games, which allows your browser to display the ongoing battles in stunning 3D perspective. There’s even a zoom option if you want to take a closer look at the units, buildings and well-rendered environments. Players of Iron Grip Marauders have been known to sit back and watch the epic fights unfold in between their turn-based actions.

By Rachel Rosen


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