Inferno Legend PvP heats up with Dark Tournament

By Michael Jamias
inferno legend pvp dark tournament

What better way to settle those scorching Inferno Legend grudges than with a no-holds-barred Dark Tournament?

The latest major update has opened the gates to the Dark Tournament, a brutal PvP arena where players can duke it out for server fame and fortune.

Dark Tournament offers two modes of play. First is the Class Mode, where players will be divided according to class. Players from one class will be paired to fight against a player from another class.

For example, a vampire may be randomly paired versus a cyclops, akuma, witch or mummy but never against a fellow vampire.

"At the end of the tournament, each class will have an independent rank so that players can see how good they are among players of their class," said the developers.

The second mode is Free Mode, which is said to be a fitting challenge for more competitive MMORPG gamers.

Free Mode works exactly like Class Mode but without the same class match-up exemptions. So as a vampire, you'll need to best all other classes, including your fellow vampires, to reach the top rank.

Sounds enticing enough? Your appetite for PvP might sour though when you hear about the borderline pay to win option.

Players can spend Gold to bless themselves with a Prayer buff that provides a rating boost for the remainder of the Dark Tournament. Players can also avail of Outburst, which is a free, single-round 30% rating buff that is capped at three uses per Dark Tournament.

To be sure, PvP skill will still be the main determinant on who ends up topping the brower mmo's leaderboards. But there will likely be more than a few top placers that will have gotten there through superior spending -- a fact that free players won't take lightly.


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